Concerning what’s about to happen at this here blog.

Since it’s January 19, it’s probably getting too late in the 2010 game to be talking about resolutions, but today, I’m going to go boldly where countless bloggers have gone before me, only about three weeks late.

As friends, family and readers of my former blog can attest, I have a strong fascination — one might call it a preoccupation? an obsession? — with new beginnings. For instance, I really like it when the the first day of the month and the first day of the week (sometimes, that means Sunday, and other times, it  means Monday, depending on which one better serves my own obsessive compulsive purposes) fall on the same day. If I can start a new little Moleskine journal (I carry a small one with me at all times) on such a day, all the better. Sometimes, I’ll throw out a perfectly good one just for the rush that I get from unwrapping that gloriously thin membrane of plastic, cracking the new notebook’s spine for the first time and putting my name and the ever-so-perfect date declaring that it’s THE FIRST OF THE MONTH! in all of its claustrophobically handwritten glory on the front page. I’m ashamed, albeit only a little, of how many perfectly good, barely used and vastly overpriced Moleskines I’ve deposited in various trash cans around this great city just for the pleasure of such a new beginning.

That’s just one example of how resolutions are an ongoing thing for me. They don’t roll around once a year after the ball drops; they happen whenever I start to feel myself slipping into apathy, which happens frequently, i.e. just about every morning when I wake up. I started my former blog as part of the 101 Things in 1,001 Days project, which caters to most people’s difficulty in having only one year to achieve the goals they set for themselves on January 1 — participants have 1,001 days, or a little more than three years, to accomplish a preset list of 101 goals.

The problem for me was that I had too much trouble choosing 101 goals — I think before I quit I’d only chosen 66 — and the things that I was interested in doing were always, always changing. When I started my list in mid-2008, I really wanted to see Kimya Dawson perform live, when I was listening to Remember That I Love You just about every morning before going to work. Now, I could care less (although I still have a very special place in my heart for that woman and that album). Also, what was I supposed to do when I was able to cross off “decorating my apartment” on my list, only to leave Little Rock and move to another city and another apartment that needed decorating? Could I add it to the list? Or was it breaking some 101 in 1,001 code?

I probably thought about it way more than was warranted, and instead of enjoying myself and the journey that 101 in 1,001 was supposed to be, I ended up just getting bored and frustrated. From here on out, I’m sticking to my daily and weekly resolutions — the ones that sneak out of the woodwork right before I go to sleep and jump out of the kitchen sink first thing in the morning, the little things that will hopefully add up to one big thing down the road.

After all, all oak trees start out as acorns (!), right?


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2 Responses to “Concerning what’s about to happen at this here blog.”

  1. Did-meister Says:

    I’m glad there’s a new blog to replace your old one. I was sad to think I wouldn’t get to read some of your writing. Relief.
    Love you!

  2. georgia[girl] Says:

    Oh snap!! nooo. this is where I am in my 101/1001. It’s incredibly frustrating. I think New York is too busy and too ever changing to keep wanting to do the same 101 things for 1001 days.

    I love, love starting things too! I mean, I love starting things at least 150% more than I love finishing them. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

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