This past Monday, I officially moved into my new place. I have three terrific roommates, a reliable Internet connection, and — best of all — MY VERY OWN ROOM WITH MY VERY OWN DOOR. No more of this railroad apartment business for me.

Two days ago, I was in our kitchen, looking for a pot to boil some water when I stumbled across a vintage goldenrod yellow Pyrex mixing bowl, much like this and presumably belonging to one of my fair roommates:

Nothing special, right? Well. Not if you grew up surrounded by the popular Butterfly pattern (below) and were so obsessed with it that you had to take it with you to college and beyond.

“Pyrex Butterfly Gold Cups, Set of 2,” MerryMae, $8.

I remembered reading this article on Etsy’s Storque blog a few months ago, too. I had had no idea that there was a huge, colorful, intricate, beyond-the-Butterfly-pattern Pyrex World out there, just waiting for me. It’s amazing to think that something so cute and colorful can also be sturdy, long-lasting and most amazingly, oven-safe.

I boiled my water and went on with my day, but I couldn’t get that yellow mixing bowl or that Storque article outta my head. Since I had some final unpacking and residual sinus infection sniffling / moping to do, I decided to spend my Friday night following this trail right down the rabbit hole and did some serious searching for vintage Pyrex on Etsy.

Some favorite finds…

THE SUNBURST! I am not that good in the kitchen, but just looking at this makes me want to whip up a five-layer Mexican dip one side, some guacamole dip on the other, grab a bag of Tostitos and go to PTA night. I swear.

“Sunburst sunny yellow pyrex cooking dish, for 2 dishes at once, 1960s,” Ebersidhesgirly, $20.

I have never taken sugar or cream with tea or coffee, but I might if I had these daintily patterned little sweeties.

“Vintage Pyrex Corning Snowflake Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set,” SuddenlyLucky, $12.

The pink Gooseberry pattern, which was difficult to find on Etsy…

“Vintage Pyrex Pink Gooseberry Small Casserole Dish 1 Quart,” plaidponyvintage, $20.

… but not as difficult to find as the almighty OLIVE BERRIES PATTERN! There were only three items; all of them were the same dish, and this is the one of the best quality, I think.

“Pyrex Berries Olives 1.5 quart Casserole,” vintageinteriors, $12.

But here’s my favorite. I loved it so much that I bought it, so sorry.

“Vintage Pyrex Blue Horizon Covered Casserole Dish,” twolittleowls, $12.

Out to enjoy this beautiful day in Greenpoint!


4 Responses to “PYREX MANIA.”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Elizabeth, I’ve never been more entertained by (nor wanted to read about) kitchenware than while reading this post. I have fond memories of the occasional announcement at church that the ladies need to go back to the kitchen to pick up their forgotten dishes. Best wishes on your place.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Elizabeth! I love it! I had a bunch of those butterfly dishes with me at college. My mom had them as a child. And the solid colored mixing bowls are great! We have 4: green, yellow, red and blue in descending order by size. We bought them at an antique bizarre in Wisconsin for my dad, each one representing one of his children. I’m the oldest so I am the green one! So happy to read your blog!

  3. Mom Says:

    As always, I laugh and smile when I read what you write. Pyrex rocks and I am glad you are starting to collect it. You can’t go wrong with such durable and “freezer to oven” dishes.

  4. So, I guess I like to cook now or something. « the acorn archive Says:

    […] the acorn archive « PYREX MANIA. […]

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