Six Items or Less, Day 18: CRISIS.

I had a close call yesterday morning.

All week, I’ve been wearing either my Log Lady blouse or my green Lacoste polo on top, so yesterday, I thought I’d ring in the weekend right and give my blue J. Crew popover some much-needed play. TGIF and all that, right?

Well, it wasn’t in my closet or my dresser. After a couple of minutes, I found it. Crumpled in a ball. In the bottom of my laundry bag. With a toothpaste smudge on the front of it.

At that moment, I was faced with a conundrum that, in most instances, could have been easily solved by simply finding something else to wear, but in this case, left me with three equally unattractive choices. Do I wear…

1. A wrinkled, visibly soiled shirt that’s been fermenting in a pile of other dirty clothes for a week?

2. A green Lacoste polo that I just wore the day before  (and also needs to be washed)?

3. A polyester/rayon blend blouse that I love dearly but provides little to no ventilation in this muggy transition from summer to fall (and yep, you guessed it, needs to be cleaned)?

I actually spent a few minutes hemming and hawing, half-dressed, trying to decide what to do. For me, one of the most appealing aspects of Six Items or Less was that it seemed to reduce the amount of time normally wasted on trying to decide to what to wear. Except for this time around, in which my limited choices were making me waste more time than usual.

I finally settled on #2 (just wearing what I wore the day before), but I almost caved and decided to grab something else. PHEW.

In other news, it’s 18 days in, and I’ve managed to still adhere to the “or Less” part of Six Items or Less — I still haven’t worn my skirt, so my count’s officially at five items. Preeeeeeeeeetty impressed with myself.

(Photo courtesy of Accessory Addiction)


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