Six Items or Less, Day 19: Skirting the issue.

I had to cave yesterday and today and WEAR THE SKIRT. Don’t worry, Susan, I shaved my legs :)

As soon as I put it on, I remembered why I’d been postponing wearing it: There’s a partially ripped seam around the pocket. Not a huge deal — a needle, a bit of thread and a few minutes will do the trick — but it’s a more urgent issue when you have only two other bottom pieces to rely on. Looks like it’s back to jeans for the remainder of the challenge — or at least until I get navy blue thread.

I feel weird about wearing skirts in New York City anyway. For one thing, it’s getting colder, and for another, call me old-fashioned, I’m always worried about modesty when going up the stairs in the subway station :)

Finally acquired some quarters, so I’m going to take care of the laundry that’s been a thorn in my side for the past week or so tonight. Photos coming again soon…

(Photo courtesy of lacklusterco)


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3 Responses to “Six Items or Less, Day 19: Skirting the issue.”

  1. tori Says:

    you work at etsy! just wear your skirt to the office and it’ll get magically repaired!

  2. TipsyTimeMachine Says:

    I actually love skirts, and wear mine with black tights until the weather gets hot so I don`t have to worry about the modesty issue. I find skirts way more comfortable than jeans, give tights a try and you might change your mind about skirts.

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