Six Items or Less, Day 25: oMg whatever lolzzz :P

Wanna know the truth? At this point in the game, I’m just bored .

I wore the same things three days in a row this week. THREE DAYS IN A ROW. I didn’t even take the trouble to change my sweater, accessories or shoes. To tell you the truth, I probably would have worn the same things today, too, except that I noticed that I had a spot of coffee on the front of my popover last night and tossed it in the laundry. Because I really pride myself on my devotion to a professional appearance in the workplace. Or something.

When I started doing Six Items or Less, I imagined myself digging into the depths of my closet and unearthing a ton of untapped resources — jewelry, hats, belts, whatever — that would make the same six pieces look completely different every day of the month. I  would prove my creativity, individuality and adherence to a sustainable lifestyle with a series of cute outfits and quirky posts.

Then I actually started digging into my closet. You want to know what I found? Not much. I have three belts. Until recently, I owned only two necklaces, one bracelet and no earrings (even though my ears are pierced!).  My most relied-on “purses” are actually my North Face backpack from high school (still going strong) and a series of grimy canvas tote bags. I own less than half the amount of shoes that my gentleman caller has, but considering what he does, I guess it’s not too surprising.

I sold and gave away the majority of my clothing when I moved last year. A lot of superfluous crap was gotten rid of in the process, and since then, I’ve made a habit of going through my drawers and closet every month or two and weeding out things that I don’t need. Pretty soon after starting the challenge, I thought that I needed to reinforce my accessories arsenal and buy a bunch of cute things that were interchangeable with my six items. But wouldn’t acquiring more “stuff” be entirely AGAINST the spirit of Six Items or Less?!

Are we really defined by what we wear, whether it’s “bigger” pieces or accessories? Don’t answer that. Bottom line: Acquire less, act more. No one’s going to remember what you wore; they’re going to remember how much you cared.

That’s what I think, anyway :P

P.S. I inadvertently acquired another accessory last weekend… an engagement ring (see pic!).


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  3. Squib Says:

    I am in love with this picture of you.

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