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Six Items or Less, Day 6

September 12, 2010

As promised, here’s a photo of today’s look for my Six Items or Less challenge. After seeing this picture, I wanted to call this look, “So That’s Why Models Pose at an Angle.” Instead, I just made a mental reminder to keep up my running routine and never face completely forward for a photo ever again.

This look — which I like to affectionately refer to as the “Margaret Lanterman Goes Sailing” look — incorporates two of the six pieces mentioned in my previous entry, the blue J. Crew popover and my Gap jeans from high school, as well as…

  • Vintage two-tone (oxblood and tan) Justin boots with fringe (there’s a technical name for this, and I cannot for the life of me remember what it is; can you?). I bought these — rather, my mom bought them for me — at the Brooklyn Flea this past spring. They were $65. I saw the exact same pair TODAY at another, lesser flea market near my house for $125. Muahahahahahaha.
  • This necklace from my friend and cohort, Allison, of So It’s Gray. She likes to take bits of metal and beads and make them into amazing, beautiful, wearable things. More on her jewelry-related escapades coming soon.
  • A vintage Montgomery Ward mohair blend sweater, complete with metal zipper, which I purchased for $3 at a thrift store in Little Rock, Arkansas for my Log Lady costume, previously mentioned here.
  • A navy blue rope belt from another one of my six pieces, the Steven Alan dress.

I will always and forever think of this sweater as The Log Lady sweater because of the circumstances in which it was purchased and initially worn. However, this look was missing other crucial elements of The Log Lady’s uniform — glasses, long skirt, a log — so I decided it was Log Lady Lite. You know, something that ol’ Margie might wear when she wanted to kick back, relax, put the log away for a few hours and get lost in something — in this case, something that involves a blue rope belt and is therefore nautical in nature — that doesn’t remind her of how much her town is going down the crapper.

Photo cred goes to my good friend, current roommate and sponsee, Tori, who in no way endorses wearing six or fewer pieces of clothing per day, much less an entire month.


The owls are not what they seem.

February 26, 2010

About two months ago, every dream I’ve ever harbored in my tiny, tender little acorn heart was shattered when I learned that my friend Rosemary was having a Twin Peaks-themed birthday party — and I wouldn’t be able to attend.


1. Proximity: Rosemary lives in Little Rock, and I live in New York City.

2. Money: The projected date of said party — Friday, Feb. 19 — was only a few days after I’d be moving out of my old apartment, and I knew that there was no way I’d be able to afford a plane ticket after such a move.

3. Time: How in the world would I be able to get time off from work?

In the face of a conundrum that only Agent Cooper’s intelligence and Sheriff Harry S. Truman’s practicality could handle, I was a regular Ronette Pulaski wondering down the railroad tracks of existence — not quite a Laura Palmer sunbathing in a plastic tarp on Twin Peaks’ shores, but not that far away from it, either. Not only would I never fulfill my dream of having a valid excuse for dressing up as The Log Lady, but I didn’t know when I would see my Arkansas friends again.

But as Feb. 19 drew closer, things fell into place. Tears were shed. Phone calls were made. Security deposits were reimbursed. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln decided to somewhat conveniently have their birthdays within days of each other, thereby warranting a national holiday and, by association, a day off from work. I was giddier than Ben Horne on a Saturday night at One-Eyed Jack’s. 

And before I knew it, it was 11 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 19, I was in Little Rock, Arkansas, and I was holding a log in the trunk of a Honda Accord, waiting to surprise my friends.

Needless to say… It was uhhhhhMAAAAAAAAAYZZZZIIIIIIING!

Maddy Ferguson was really excited.

So was Lucy Moran.

Agent Cooper made an appearance…

… as did The One-Armed Man.

There were some other pretty great costumes, too. Here are three of my favorites from the night. Here’s everyone’s favorite homecoming queen/teenage prostitute, Laura Palmer, as played by co-hostess/co-birthday girl Autumn. I really liked the Best Friends necklace she added to the mix. Sadly, no one showed up as Donna Hayward. Speaking of, is Lara Flynn Boyle still alive?

This Ronette Pulaski look-alike was so committed to her costume that she rolled around in her yard to get the whole “I’ve just been drugged and attacked” vibe before coming to the party.

Two words: “COTTON BALLS!!!”

Best. Party. EVER.