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Six Items or Less, Day 18: CRISIS.

September 25, 2010

I had a close call yesterday morning.

All week, I’ve been wearing either my Log Lady blouse or my green Lacoste polo on top, so yesterday, I thought I’d ring in the weekend right and give my blue J. Crew popover some much-needed play. TGIF and all that, right?

Well, it wasn’t in my closet or my dresser. After a couple of minutes, I found it. Crumpled in a ball. In the bottom of my laundry bag. With a toothpaste smudge on the front of it.

At that moment, I was faced with a conundrum that, in most instances, could have been easily solved by simply finding something else to wear, but in this case, left me with three equally unattractive choices. Do I wear…

1. A wrinkled, visibly soiled shirt that’s been fermenting in a pile of other dirty clothes for a week?

2. A green Lacoste polo that I just wore the day before  (and also needs to be washed)?

3. A polyester/rayon blend blouse that I love dearly but provides little to no ventilation in this muggy transition from summer to fall (and yep, you guessed it, needs to be cleaned)?

I actually spent a few minutes hemming and hawing, half-dressed, trying to decide what to do. For me, one of the most appealing aspects of Six Items or Less was that it seemed to reduce the amount of time normally wasted on trying to decide to what to wear. Except for this time around, in which my limited choices were making me waste more time than usual.

I finally settled on #2 (just wearing what I wore the day before), but I almost caved and decided to grab something else. PHEW.

In other news, it’s 18 days in, and I’ve managed to still adhere to the “or Less” part of Six Items or Less — I still haven’t worn my skirt, so my count’s officially at five items. Preeeeeeeeeetty impressed with myself.

(Photo courtesy of Accessory Addiction)


Six Items or Less, Day 15: The Halfway Point.

September 23, 2010

It’s Day 16 of my Six Items or Less challenge, and I’m currently LIVE BLOGGING from my apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. What you see here, my friends, is my look from yesterday — the Crystal Castles look — the exact halfway point between the beginning and the end of my decision to wear six and ONLY six items of clothing for the month of September.

I know that you — not unlike the countless millions of other Acorn Archive readers — have probably been wondering how its writer has been holding up. You’ve probably been sitting there at your respective office desk, kitchen sink or steering wheel, unable to concentrate on the more urgent tasks at hand, silently asking questions like, “Which two, exactly, of her six items is she going to pair today?  Is she going to buck her pants-only regimen and finally introduce the much-awaited skirt into the mix? Or is she going to blow all of our minds and find a way to wear not only two pieces a day but, I dare say, three?”

Well, to answer all of the above questions in one fell swoop: It’s super boring. I’m doing little to no laundry;  it takes about five minutes to get ready every day; no, I’m NOT ready to shave my legs and therefore have NOT worn the skirt yet; and the only thing I’m convinced of is my need to embrace accessories like jewelry. Jewels in my crown, y’all. You know what I’m sayin’?

Six Items or Less, Day 7.

September 13, 2010

I’m reading a new book. Betcha can’t guess what! (Photography and art direction cred to Tori, again)

Last night, Tori pointed out that I had only worn five of my six pieces thus far, therefore living up to the “or less” part of this Six Items dealio.

Normally, this would have been a victory; however, my reluctance to wear the sixth piece — my light blue Steven Alan dress (the one that the navy blue rope belt in my previous entry came from) — may or may not have been rooted in the fact that right now, it’s not fitting so great. Two words: Oprah arms. Seriously. It’s like trying to fit sausages into casings that are too small.

Pssssssych. But for real.

So I did something that I’m not positive is legal in The World of Six Items or Less: I swapped one as-yet-unworn piece out for another; in this case, the Steven Alan dress for the polyester/rayon blend “blouse” I bought as part of my Log Lady costume. Today, I wore it with another of my six pieces — the Levis — as well as my:

  • Vintage Justin boots (again)
  • Montgomery Ward sweater (again; also part of my Log Lady costume)
  • Other pair of glasses (round, yellow Christian Diors from the mid-’70s to mid-’80s)
  • J. Crew leather belt
  • Czech coin earrings, hand-selected by Tori before scurrying off to work (while I was still half-asleep) from her personal collection

Together, this look is what I like to call “Grump Chic,” because the combination of polyester/rayon, mohair and mugginess doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of breathability, and I was sweating most of the day.

I have two necklaces (one of which I wore yesterday, the other of which is currently M.I.A. in my room) and only one pair of earrings to my name, so borrowing a pair to complete this look was crucial. Even though I feel a little ashamed that I have so few baubles to call my own, I feel like borrowing from a friend (especially one with good taste and in such close proximity) is more in keeping with the Six Items or Less ethos, which I think has something to do with consuming less and in turn relying on others more.

Kudos again to Tori for doing that which I could not do for myself, i.e. take a full-length picture of myself in decent lighting using an iPhone.

Ugly mug[s].

May 28, 2010

Vintage Housewares His and Hers Coffee House,” jwhite2, $21.

I apologize if it seems a little incongruous to publish an ode to mugs when, only the other day, it was 94 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City. I mean, who wants to even think about drinking hot tea or hot cocoa or any number of other warm beverages traditionally served in mugs when it’s so hot outside that you want to cry?

However, recent scientific studies performed at The Acorn Archive Headquarters in Greenpoint, Brooklyn have confirmed that mugs are just as good at serving cool, Memorial-Day-Weekend-ish drinks as they are at serving warm, Christmas-y ones. And fortunately for all of us, there are currently 5,476 listings for “vintage mugs” on Etsy. I’ve personally sifted through 4,026 of them, so please, feel free to pour yourself a mug of water/lemonade/beer/whatever people drink in the late spring and enjoy the best of the best.

What do people drink in soaps? I feel like at least one character always has a mirrored tray of crystal liquor bottles in their living room so that when they’re feeling especially depressed/conniving/passionate/enraged, they can walk over there and pour a drink. So, yeah. Pour yourself a glass of whatever’s in one of those crystal bottles in this mug and pray to God that someone didn’t put rat poison in it when you weren’t watching.

“SALE – 1980 The Young and the Restless Ceramic Coffee Mug,” beppiebags, $12.99.

No explanation needed here (hi, Mom!).

“Vintage 80s ceramic CALL YOUR MOTHER mug,” nickandnessies, $14.

This one made me smile. My grandfather, a retired dentist, had a colleague make really obnoxious matching dentures for himself and two of my college-aged aunts several years ago. Almost 20 years later, it’s not unusual to be at a family gathering and for one of them to slip in their dentures when no one’s looking.

“extremely rare Dentists ceramic mug,” bigapplevintage, $30.

Mmmm. Charming. I hope to be one of these some day (a “hostess with the mostess,” not a mug).

“1950s Hostess with the Mostest MUG,” HelloVictory, $12.

In my wildest dreams, I am walking down the street, minding my own business, when I happen upon a man sitting outside of his camping trailer, drinking out of this mug. My brain, of course, subsequently explodes.

“My Trailer Vintage Milk Glass Coffee Mug,” AttysVintage, $9.95.


“The Vintage Ziggy Coffee Mug 1989,” SuzisCornerBoutique, $15.

Both practical and educational.

“Vintage 1960s Anchor Hocking Fire King CBer Tall Coffee Mug,” RetroRevival, $16.